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Leonora addio
Three surreal funerals are intertwined by the murder of a Sicilian immigrant boy in Brooklyn.
Three years after the loss of his brother Vittorio, with whom he shared his entire career, Paolo Taviani returns to the works of Luigi Pirandello, which the pair adapted in 1984 (Chaos) and 1998 (You Laugh). In keeping with the Sicilian playwright’s vision, the film is not at all what it appears to be. The title may come from a 1910 novella, but there is no trace of that book’s jealousy-riddled plot. Instead, the focus is on Pirandello himself, or rather, his ashes, which are transported from a hasty burial site in fascist Rome to a permanent resting place in Sicily, on a trek that takes us through post-war Italy and its filmed memories, as seen in newsreels, amateur films and fragments of Neorealism. Having buried the master, Leonora addio then shifts gear from road movie to film adaptation, but here it picks a different Pirandello story, namely the last one, written shortly before his death in 1936. From the farewell of the title to its return to the writer’s last words, it is hard not to read this work, so free and yet so much a part of the Taviani world, as a moving brotherly farewell which, just as in 2012’s Golden Bear winner Caesar Must Die, once again uses cinema to give voice to literature and history.
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Paolo Taviani

Born in San Miniato, Italy in 1931. Since 1954, he has made feature films and documentaries with his brother, Vittorio Taviani, with the two also writing the scripts. They won the Palme d’Or at Cannes for Father and Master and the Grand Jury Prize for The Night of San Lorenzo. They received the Golden Lion at Venice in 1986 for their lifetime body of work. The films The Subversives, The Lark Farm and Caesar Must Die all screened at the Berlinale, with the two winning the Golden Bear for the latter. Rainbow – A Private Affair was the last film they made together.

Directed by
Paolo Taviani
Written by
Paolo Taviani
Edited by
Roberto Perpignani
Paolo Carnera, Simone Zampagni
Sound by
Andrea Malavasi
Music by
Nicola Piovani
Fabrizio Ferracane, Matteo Pittiruti, Dania Marino, Dora Becker, Nathalie Rapti Gomez, Claudio Bigagli, Roberto Herlitzka
Original title
Leonora addio
English title
Leonora addio
Running time
90 min
Age rating
Release date
06. 10. 2021
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Media reception

Hollywood Reporter
"A strange and beguiling curio that shows an artist wrapping up the seventh decade of career with sadness and nostalgia but with a resilient spirit."
"Displays the old master's lightness of touch in what is an homage to Luigi Pirandello, his own youth, his country and its cinema."
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